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Recently, I received a physical letter from a reader named Mr. Thomas M. He expressed curiosity about my consistent practice of presenting both sides of the casino ledger, rather than just one. Occasionally, he believed that I was excessively analytical, consistently demonstrating how the casinos gain an advantage over the gamers.

He perceived the analysis as excessively arid and monotonous. This is the interpretation I derived from his letter.

Thomas desired a greater abundance of enchantment surrounding casino games. I inferred that he desired me to compose a piece about the enchantment of engaging in play. It appears that he desired a reduced emphasis on genuine analysis and a greater focus on krikya online casino fantasy. I comprehend that. One of the most exhilarating aspects of gambling at a casino is the opportunity to indulge in fantasies about how we would utilize a substantial sum of money, whether it be a moderate amount, a significant sum, or an abundance of wealth.

I understand. I occasionally experience such fantasies as well. Throughout more than thirty years, I have extensively engaged in gambling establishments, and I must admit that I have often indulged in vivid daydreams of monumental victories and life-altering experiences resulting from remarkable fortune in the games. Which casino player has not indulged in fantasies? I believe the answer is zero.

Nevertheless, Mr. Thomas was correct. I do not solely fixate on the dream of grand victories (which occur infrequently and seldom for us). I want to disclose the veracity regarding the casino games that my readers engage in. Having prior knowledge can assist us in being prepared.

Prepare yourself
I believe that possessing genuine understanding of the games does not have a detrimental effect on a player’s psyche.

However, I wrote an article (“The Magic of Casino Games”) where the second half caters to the idea of winning it big at the casino; so big that the actual word “big” was small. I’m hoping Mr. Thomas enjoyed that. At the conclusion of my imaginative scenario involving him, he departed with a substantial amount of the casino’s funds. What is the reason for not doing so? If you are going to engage in fantasy, why not aim for grandiosity?

Is it possible for a player to consistently achieve victory on a single day, a specific journey, or over a prolonged duration? Indeed. Casino gamers would be disinclined to continue playing if they never experienced any form of victory whatsoever. That would be absurd. We have all won now and again and sometimes we have had great sessions. Occasionally, we have experienced extended periods of consecutive victories.

Indeed, our imaginations are driven by the knowledge that we are capable of and have achieved victory in the casinos. Would we persist in playing if we never achieved a single victory in blackjack, dice rolls, roulette, or receiving any monetary reward from a machine? Unlikely.

A victor must emerge.
In simple terms. Consider the game of roulette. We’ll use the American version which has a 0 and a 00 on the wheel.

There are 38 pockets into which the ball can fall, 1-36 and 0 and 00, and one pocket will capture the ball where it will remain. The pocket number is declared the winner.

The probability of a player winning a bet placed directly on any number is 1 in 38. The victorious player is awarded a payout with odds of 35-to-1. A $10 winning bet pays $350. Is it satisfactory?

Observe this now: A player can guarantee that he or she can win every spin of the wheel. Just bet all 38 numbers. One of them is bound to come up, right? Bound? It must come up. That’s a win each and every spin of the wheel if the player decides to go this way with his or her wagering. Always bear in mind that victory is assured! Hooray for the winning player! That player is a genius betting on all the numbers.

Oops, wait a second – it’s also a guaranteed loss; meaning each and every spin of the wheel is a bitter defeat. It is a win and a defeat. How can that be? It is heads and tails coming up at the same time.

Yes, you win $350 on that $10 wager. Great. But you lose (prepare thyself) on all the other numbers. So, you have one win and 37 losses. You win $350 but lose $370. Yikes!

Yes, the casino pays the winner and takes all the rest of the bets. You win some money but you lose more money.

That’s a fact. Unsettling? Maybe. But it is still a fact that you can’t simply dismiss because it ruins your fantasy of a big score.

The game of craps will shortchange the players on their wins as well. While the pass line and come bets will pay even-money, the casino will win more of those bets. The rest? The casino will take money out of the win before it pays the player. A bet that should pay 35-to-one will only pay 30-to-one.

That’s the world of payoffs for the player.

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