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Gamblers have several considerations to contemplate and maybe be concerned about. It is important for individuals to have a clear understanding of the specific games they intend to play at the casino. Additionally, if they choose to engage in activities outside of the casino, they may consider placing bets on various options such as horse racing, different sports, or even current events.

The second major difficulty pertains to the optimal amount of money to be wagered on both the “inside the casino” and “outside the casino” ventures. In my opinion, the majority of gamblers, who are essentially players, lack proper control over their Baji999 finances. They lack knowledge on the appropriate betting amount and the necessary reserve funds for betting.

Presenting the Captain
The deceased Captain, who passed away more than 12 years ago, was the most astute gambler I have ever encountered. I heavily relied on the gambling advise he provided while formulating my own gambling strategies.

Upon his return from World War II, as a young man, he established a business in Brooklyn, New York. In my book Forever Craps, I provide a comprehensive account of his World War II exploits. Even as a child during the war, he shown exceptional bravery and resilience while participating in combat in the Pacific theater.

His aircraft was targeted and he managed to live for over a week in hostile territory. Indeed, he undeniably survived, but he also contracted malaria. He was the sole survivor of the plane catastrophe. Based only on that, he earned prestigious accolades.

The Captain was a prosperous entrepreneur, although he had one weakness – an affinity for gambling. He wagered on many sports. He also placed bets on the horses. During the war, he participated in craps games and even organized them, although he did not possess exceptional skills in that particular domain at the time. He identified himself as a mere participant. Similar to the majority of other players.

In the 1950s, he had moderate success in sports betting. That indicates that he was in a disadvantaged position, but the financial loss he experienced did not cause his downfall. Are you referring to the horses? That was a distinct narrative. He endured a prolonged and severe beating from betting on horse races. He was an unequivocal failure attempting to determine the winning horse in each race. He discovered that he was aligned with the underachieving horse-racing participants Jeetwin who dominate the sport. Horses are undeniably majestic creatures, often associated with divine beings. However, placing bets on them is typically a futile endeavor for most individuals who lack the divine qualities attributed to the aforementioned gods.

Following a series of unfortunate financial challenges, the Captain’s gambling habits underwent a significant transformation when casino gambling was introduced to the metropolitan New York area through the establishment of Atlantic City in New Jersey.

The Captain resolved to devise a strategy to outsmart the casinos in certain games. He discovered that blackjack and craps were two games that might be outsmarted by intelligent players. What about the others? No, not truly.

Nevertheless, it was evident that the casino staff diligently observed the blackjack tables in search of players who were reputed for their skill in card counting. Upon being detected, these players were not welcomed by the casino managers and were predominantly banned from the casinos.

Nevertheless, advantage craps players were not prohibited since the game was considered impregnable.

It was not.

Over time, the Captain devised techniques to manipulate the outcome of the dice in a manner that would provide the players with a slight advantage. He referred to this technique as “controlled shooting,” “controlled throw,” or “dice control.” Today, this talent is often referred to as “dice influencing” or “dice manipulation”.

He analyzed the betting options during the game and developed the most effective strategies for managing such gambling. In his last 10 years of play, he had radicalized such betting to increase the edge of a dice controller. I use that radical style of betting on almost all players with one exception.

However, the Captain went above and beyond. He looked at casino playing in a new way and outlined what he thought was the best way to approach even the games where players could not get the edge – which is almost all the games!

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